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A dream to come true...

Forty Four Group, is an organization that was born in Bogota - Colombia on 2016 with the idea of creating an environmental friendly recycling system called (Soyunhéroe44) that involves;


  - environment care teaching,

  - recyclers life and job improvement,

  - recycled plastic transformation into raw material.

On 2019 after a re-structuration, we are looking forward for ways to increase revenue so the program Soyunhéroe44 can be turn into a Foundation, that way, the main goals can be achieved like;

  -foundation creation

    - professional employment

    - improvement on quality life of the people that goes       into trash bins or dumpsters

   - income improvement due to the collected material         can be sold quicker and cleaner.

The re-structuration now focus on developing products for Colombia and USA, where, once some goals be reach, will indicate that the creation of the Foundation will be certain.

"your help buying our products will make a difference"


Modern Window Treatments

Modern Window Treatments (MWT) is part of the 44 Group dream, thru MWT  we sell products related to interior decoration like blinds, plantation shutters, shades and many other options.

Right now MWT is designing its own product planning to improve the actual portfolio by complementing the final look and give a better finish treatment.

Part of the dream of growing MWT is to reach a level where part of the income could be share to the  44 Group main goal (see company description above). 

Thanks for being part of this dream...